At Laurel Ridge Barn we want you to have the perfect event and this is a couple reminders:

  1. No outside alcohol
    1. The contract holders can lose their security deposit.
    2. This includes parking lot, cars, coolers, etc.
    3. We do reserve the right to confiscate outside alcohol and coolers.
  2. Pets
    1. We do allow pets as long as they are picked up after.
    2. Keep in mind guests may have allergies or certain animals may scare children.
  3. Foods/Snacks
    1. Be aware guests may have allergies to particular foods.
    2. We do allow snacks just keep in mind snacks are the single most messy item at events.
  4. Damage to Facility/Grounds
    1. We want to extra careful as we are in the country and the volunteer fire department may take some time to respond.
    2. We ask to be notified of any “high risk” plans before an event (Sprinklers, Chinese Lanterns, Fireworks, Branding of Items, Torches, Really Anything With a High Risk)
    3. Please notify a staff member of any issues or non working items.
  5. Overnight Parking
    1. We allow this till noon the following day. This helps anyone who needs an assisted ride to get one and return the following day.
    2. We are not responsible for any theft/damage/etc to cars left overnight.
  6. Safety
    1. First Aid Kit on site.
    2. We do not have a CPAP or other machine.
    3. Only Laurel Ridge Barn staff is allowed to use ovens and bar equipment.
    4. We recommend adult supervision of any child 14 and under.