Above: We include this arch as a FREE UPGRADE GIFT to all our brides and grooms. (Does not comes with flowers.)

Above: We have 6 benches through our facility that are included at no additional cost. Two by the front door and four on the patio facing the horses.

Above: We have 25 custom 7 foot wood farmhouse tables available for rent at $35 each. These are very nice and do not need linens.

Above: Is a picture of our favorite layout as it really makes all the guests feel welcomed and looks super elegant.

Above: Is a picture of our 60 in rounds, a knights wood table, and two cocktail tables. We have 10 cocktail tables available at $35 per as well as one short cocktail designed for cake cutting or pastor/ceremony use.

Above: We include for FREE white resin chairs as long as you use them on one of the two patios.

Above: We have options for grass locations starting at $2 per chair.

Above: We have one snack table available for $35. We use one of these for the water/coffee station but we have one more available for rent.


We have a few plastic rectangle eight foot tables that some are used by food buffet line and the rest for head table or other placements. We will update pictures soon.


We also just got in two 60 inch round wood tables. We are super excited about these as these would look amazing in the front entry for a guest book sign in or a gift table. Same material and look as other wood tables at Laurel Ridge Barn. Once we rent them we will update with some pictures.



48 sixty inch round plastic tables
450 wood cross back chairs for inside ceremony/loft/reception
11 eight foot long rectangle plastic tables

Options Wood Add-On:
25 wood farmhouse tables 7 foot long that fit 4 people on the long end.
1 wood king/queen table 4 foot long that fit 2 people on the long end. (Designed for king queen on a knights table or for a desert table.)
10 wood cocktail tables
1 wood short cocktail table (cake cutting or outside ceremony use)
1 wood sixty inch round tables (for guest sign in, gift, or desert use)



If you would like to see a main floor flip from a ceremony to a reception see here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2930725237205190


We do not provide but below are some pictures of some cool things people rent to bring in.

Above: Uplighting from DJ Sieffstyle

Above: Hedge Photo Wall from Prairie Lane Vintage Rentals

Above: 250 Inch Screen For Presentations, Slideshows, Love Stories, and More. Ask Laurel Ridge Barn about the optional Audio/Video Add-On.

Above: Flower Vases from Jane Rae Events & Rentals

Above: Outdoor Arch from Jane Rae Events & Rentals (You can build your own or rent one!)

Above: Remember to plan for the loft as guests love the loft!

Above: 1/2 Flip