Exclusive Catering

Laurel Ridge Barn is Sioux Falls premier wedding barn, and in order to keep our quality difference the prices from our catering companies may be higher than the catering companies standard menu.  From premium meats to real plates to included bussing you will see why hosting at Laurel Ridge Barn sets the bar for quality.  Click or tap on any of the caterers listed here to explore the menu options.  These choices will only be served at Laurel Ridge Barn.

Main Meal Catering Options Below

Chef Dominique's Catering & Banquet
Kelly's Catering
Roll'N Pin Cafe & Grille

Papa John’s : Lunch – Late Night – (Not For Main Meal)

Ask us about how to get pizza delivered as a late night snack. (9:30pm)

Text us at 605-951-0867

(Normally we are a rural venue we can’t get delivery but we have a special deal worked out. All orders must be paid to Laurel Ridge Barn 14 days prior to delivery date.)