Laurel Ridge Hosting Package

$8 Per Person

To host an event there is a lot of preparation that starts up to one week prior to the event date.

Some of our exclusive catering partners include this host package inside their pricing. They do this because they have the exact guest count due to food request and the hosting package is based on the guest count.


Package Details:


White Resin Chair Design, Set-up, and Tear Down on Patio

Spindle Moving

Benches Moving

Arch Relocation Assistance During Wedding

Large 10 Foot by 10 Foot Door Assistance During Wedding

Moving of Wood Cocktail Tables Inside


Design of Main Level & Loft Level Configurations

Setting Up & Tearing Down of Main Level Tables

Setting Up & Tearing Down of Main Level Chairs

Setting Up & Tearing Down of Loft Tables

Setting Up & Tearing Down of Loft Chairs

Cleaning of Stairs as Needed Event Day

Restocking of Bathrooms Throughout Event Day


Filtered Water Fill Station

Septic System Use

Soap, Cleaners, etc

Prep Kitchen Space

Prep Kitchen Tables

Prep Kitchen Hot Box Day of Storage

Three Compartment Sink

Refrigerator for Salads, Deserts, Cakes, and Leftovers

Double Vent System to Keep Food Smell in Kitchen & Move to Outside

Buffet Line:

Tables for Buffet and/or Additional Plated Prep Tables

Cleaning of Floor from Buffet Line Use


Indoor Column Lighting

Exterior Low Voltage Landscape Lighting