We would love to help explain bussing:


Items to consider:

The catering company or Laurel Ridge Barn bus/service what is in bold:

Water Glassware

China Plates

Real Silverware

Glass Carafes

Glass Wine Glasses

Glass Shot Glasses

Glass Bar Drinkware


You or hired bussers bus/service what is not in bold:

Linen Napkins

Paper Napkins

Plastic Water Glasses

Plastic Keg Cups

Beer Cans

Beer Bottles

Plastic Mixed Drink Cups

Plastic Wine Glasses


Paper Programs

Gum Wrappers

Plastic Dessert/Cake Plates

Plastic Dessert/Cake Silverware

Paper Cupcake Wrappers

Plastic Snack Cups

Missed China Plates

Missed Real Silverware

Late Night Food Items

Other Trash Pickup

Trash Hauling



Also, keep in mind these parts of the event:

Outside bussing

Loft bussing

Assist with Dance Floor Teardown

Assist with Ceremony to Reception Flip

Cocktail Hour

Servicing of Water Carafes


When you hire a busser. We recommend 1 per 100 guests count. They help with all the non-bold items.


Here is an example of a non-bussed event below: