Thank you for being a valued catering partner with Laurel Ridge Barn.


We have a general policy to leave the kitchen/buffet area at the same or better than arrival.


Drinking Water
Please remember we have drinking water on the north wall on the refill line. Please ask if this does not make sense.


We expect the kitchen to be mopped. We have the mop, bucket, soap, water, etc. If you need help we would love to teach you how our mop sink works.

We have small and big trash bags located inside the storage room across the hall. We also expect to run the exhaust fans when there is a large odor good/bad to keep the food smell out of the kitchen.

We have rags and cleaners to clean. Wiping all used surfaces down is expected.

We expect the sink to be clean from everything including food.


Open Flames
We do NOT allow open unattended flames in the kitchen. For example, you can’t leave a late-night snack with a burner on and then leave. We need all flames to be attended by a human.


Trash/Throwing of Liquids
We expect to take all trash from the kitchen/food out to the trash. We do not want to drag the bags and leave a trail. We also want to be cautious with throwing out liquids into our trash/grass. (Bugs/Flies)


If you need more room, feel free to push the glass racks across to the storage room. This may be helpful for plating meals or having more space in general.


We expect to have the buffet line start at the west and head east in the hallway. This works the best! Let the line gather by the bathrooms. Some catering companies have found success ushering people around and outside and back in through the main doors. (weather depending)

We hope all catering companies will consider having a buffet line upstairs if the guest count goes above 80 upstairs. Fewer stair issues.


We have a select number of tables to use at no cost. Please specify with the client how many tables you need for buffet and appetizers. We do not handle the linens internally so make sure to explain to client who has this linen responsibility. We expect the catering company to have enough staff to take out, set up, and tear down the tables. As most buffets are in the foyer/entrance we do not want these set up too early. After ceremony is our standard.


We expect to have all plates and silverware bussed. Least amount of carts as possible. Prefer no carts if possible.


Inside the kitchen, on the north wall on the bottom, there is a lost found. Please check over this and take what is yours and leave what is not yours.


Door Slamming
The way our kitchen is designed is when the outside door is open it will create a suction and slam the interior kitchen door slammed. We recommend using a door stop on the inside one to prevent this.


Once a year we want a copy of your insurance as well as a copy of the contract our mutual clients will be signing. Send to


**These will update from time to time. Please refer back!**