Exclusive Catering

Kelly's Catering

Kelly’s Catering includes real plates, silverware, napkins and bussing of tables after the meal. Table linens are recommended and not included. We recommend a rental company so that you may match the color and style of your event. Drinks are additional and must be purchased from Laurel Ridge Barn.

Quick Overview

  • Food Count Must Match Venue Chair Count
  • After Meal Bussing
  • Take Left-overs home
  • Real Plates Included
  • Real Silverware Included
  • Paper Napkins Included
  • Custom Menu Available
  • Serv Safe Certified
  • Work With Owner
  • Free Taste Testings Available
  • Free Delivery
  • On-site Grilling Available for Meats
  • Kids Discount & Menu Available
  • Able to Set Up Additional Buffet Line in Loft
  • Oven & Full Kitchen Available
  • Starters & Appetizers Available
  • Optional Gratuity
  • Laurel Ridge Hosting Package Included in Below Prices
  • Text Kevin Laurel Ridge Barn to  712-441-5046

Salad Bar $18/plate
Build-your-own salads from a selection of fresh
mixed greens, seasonal diced vegetables, diced
ham, chicken or turkey, hard boiled eggs,
cheese and crunchy croutons. Customizable
options upon request.
Includes choice of 3 dressings or vinaigrettes, 2
salads from salad list.

Cold Subs and Wraps $20/plate
Cold cut meat and cheese on fresh hoagies or
select wraps with lettuce, tomato, onion,
pickles and mayo. Egg salad or chicken salad
available for additional charge. Includes house
chips or garden salad with 2 dressings & choice
of 2 salads.

Fiesta Bar $24/plate
Includes 2 meats (seasoned ground beef, pulled
pork, shredded chicken), refried beans, Spanish
rice, Mexican street corn, house made cheese
sauce, tortilla chips, soft shells. Served with
lettuce, black olives, onions, tomato, peppers,
shredded cheese, sour cream, jalapenos,
guacamole, salsa and hot sauce.
Includes salad bar toppings as well as 2 choices
from the salad list.
Pulled pork comes with buns & BBQ sauce also.
*Can be converted to baked potato bar.

Hot Sandwich Buffet $22.50/plate
Select your bun and meat from the list along
with 2 salads and 1 hot side dish.
Add another side for $1/each.
Buns: Sliders, Hamburger, Hoagie, Hot Dog, Brat,
Sliced Wheat Bread
Meats: Burgers, brats, hot dogs, tavern,
meatballs in marinara sauce, pulled pork, hot
beef, shredded chicken or turkey. Also includes
options of Philly, BBQ, Aus Jus, or Sauced meat.
Condiments and coordinating sandwich toppings

Pasta Bar $24/plate
Includes choice of noodle, sauce and meat with
breadsticks, 2 salads, 1 hot side dish.
Garlic bread included.
Spaghetti, penne, rotini, ravioli or mac n cheese.
Marinara sauce, alfredo sauce, or garlic butter
Italian sausage, ground beef, meatballs, breaded
or grilled chicken.
Salad Options
Fresh mixed greens, potato salad, coleslaw,
macaroni salad, Italian pasta salad, pea salad,
broccoli slaw, creamy cucumbers, applesauce,
seasonal fresh fruit, glazed fruit salad, Jell-o
salad, Oreo™ fluff, pistachio fluff, orange fluff, or
cookie salad.

Two Meat Hot Buffet $26/plate
Choose 2 hot meats, 2 hot side dishes and 2
salads. All options include dinner roll or
Pork loin or chops, Chicken Cordon Bleu,
Swedish meatballs, homestyle meatloaf, sliced
or shredded beef, smothered chicken, baked or
grilled chicken breasts, turkey or sliced ham.
Add a fresh salad bar for $5/plate

**Upgrade to a premium meat selection:
Broasted chicken or pork chop, Seafood, BBQ
pork ribs or smoked brisket, Grilled steak, Prime

**Prime Rib Dinner includes choice of potato
and choice of vegetable. Dinner roll is included.

Prime Rib Dinner $32.50/plate
**Ask for current pricing**

Hot Side Dish Options
Baby red potatoes, mashed potatoes, cheesy
potatoes, potato wedges, baked potatoes, mac
n cheese, wild rice, green bean casserole, baked
beans, steamed seasonal